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Italy Instagram Pod: comments and likes from real people. The most effective system used by the most famous brands and influencers.

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Wait, what are Instagram Pods?

Let’s explain what Instagram Pods are and why you need them, Instagram engagement group rules, how they work, their benefits and why to join. 

What are Pods?

Pods are groups of people who together help each other to increase their engagement.  Imagine 30 people in a group chat exchanging likes and comments every time someone posts. Getting into our Instagram Pod couldn’t be easier.

How do Instagram Pods work?

The concept of a “Pod” is simple. Each Instagram Pod has rules (terms of use) that you find when you join the Telegram group. The rules are simple: you participate in rounds and you exchange likes and comments. The rules are those of like for like and comment for comment. No log in is required, no bot will act on your behalf. Inside you find only real people and the engagement you get will be real.

Why do you need Instagram Pods?

Instagram Pods are the best way to increase your Instagram engagement rate, improve the possibility to get into search and to become famous, but they are also great places to make friends you can share your same passion for Instagram with.

Italy Instagram Pod: safe, quality, easy and effective

“Instagram Pods”, “Telegram Groups” or “Instagram Telegram Pods” – call them what you prefer – they always mean real comments and likes made by real people. Groups are essential for increasing engagement with your Instagram profile. Thanks to these groups you get more followers, likes and comments.

Join the biggest Italian Instagram Pod: FREE likes and comments!

Italy Instagram Pod: comments and likes from real people. The most effective system used by the most famous brands and influencers.

Becoming a member has never been easier!

Instasamy membership will always be FREE

Here’s how to get access:

  • Download the free Telegram application from Play Store or Apple Store. (This is the application where you will find the Instagram engagement group chat)
  • Search for and join our Instagram Pod following the link below.

Get thousands of free likes and comments from super cool Italian Instagrammers!

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Is there an “Italian Instagram Pod”?

Yes it exists, but you can’t find it typing Italian Instagram Pod. Our free comments and likes group has only Italian users. The groups are subdivided by target. In this way we keep the quality of comments and users very high.

Do you have international pods?

We also have American Instagram Pods, but it is a paid service. Inside there are more than one million subscribers. To access the service click here

Where is your Telegram Instagram Pod?

Find our Instagram Pod on Telegram below

The service is free.

Instagram Pod Groups: can you be banned?

You are banned if you don’t respect the rules. Anyone who doesn’t respect the group rules is eliminated.

The rules are very simple and can be found in the message at the top inside the group.

Instagram pod: how do you get in?

Accessing our Instagram Pod is super easy. Download Telegram, click on this link and join the group. Differently from other engagement groups ours are simple to use and intuitive. If you write us we will always answer and offer support.

What are the rules of Instagram Pods?

Once you have signed up for Telegram you will find the rules at the top. You decide which and how many rounds to take part in. The rounds are at 9, 12, 15, 18, 21.

There are 15 to 30 users per round.

Let’s make an example: if you participate in the round at 9 where there are 15 users you will receive 15 likes,15 comments and you will have also have to like and comment on the other 15 users in the group.

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